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Are you planning to move to the welcoming and peaceful city of Windsor to give your life a fresh new start? Our immigration professionals, who are widely regarded as some of the most experienced immigration lawyers in Windsor, will be happy to help you throughout your immigration process and translate your dream of moving to Windsor into a reality!

Eminent Immigration Lawyers in Windsor

Canada’s immigration laws undergo frequent revisions and amendments depending upon the immediate or long-term needs of the country’s labour markets. You may require the aid of a qualified and resourceful legal professional who’s up to date with the country’s legal framework. Here at the Kurzfeld Law Office of Immigration, we have built a team of the most reputed immigration lawyers in Windsor who can interpret the latest legal modifications for you and also ably guide you through the immigration procedure.

It is imperative that you apply under an immigration category which maximises your chances of receiving an ‘Invitation to Apply’ for a Canadian Permanent Residency, if you wish to successfully immigrate to Windsor. Our immigration specialists employ their invaluable professional experience and legal expertise to introduce you to the various your various immigration choices and to enhance your immigration application profile, in order to drastically improve your chances of securing an ITA.

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Our Services

We have been active for nearly two decades and have abundant experience of immigration applications belonging to any and all Express Entry categories. The following are the major immigration categories within the Express Entry Program:

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Federal Skilled Workers

The IRCC works in a highly regulated, stringent and time bound manner to ensure that a consistent stream of talented immigrants boost the country’s economic and cultural development. They ensure this by only offering an ‘Invitation to Apply’ (ITA) to the best or the top-ranking immigration profiles in each immigration draw.

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This aspect makes it all the more important for you to employ the services of proven immigration lawyers in Windsor, who can successfully help you rise above the competition by creating a compelling profile for you. You can also contact us here at the Kurzfeld Law Office of Immigration if you wish to have your current immigration profile reviewed by our knowledgeable experts.

If you believe that your earlier immigration application was assessed harshly and unfairly, we can also help you form your argument for your ‘immigration appeal’ process.

Why moving to Windsor makes a lot of sense!

Windsor is a short-drive away from the American city of Detroit, making the city a cultural hub capable of offering its residents a peek into Canadian and American cultures simultaneously! Moving to Windsor has other benefits too such as affordable housing and gaining exposure to one of the fastest growing labour markets in the country.
A work permit is mandatory to work in Canada and our resourceful experts would happily assist you in applying for the kind of work permit which suits your professional needs. Moreover, our experts have built extensive professional networks over their careers and have gained invaluable, first-hand insights into the local labour market of Windsor, which allows them to suggest the best sectors and firms where aspiring immigrants can apply and hope to secure a job!

We also offer other services such as processing spousal sponsorship applications, family sponsorship applications, business immigration applications and Canadian citizenship applications.

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Here’s why you should pick us as your immigration
lawyer for Windsor immigration procedure

Our illustrious careers and practical experiences coupled with our drive and will to turn ever immigration aspirant into a successful immigrant, make us your ideal choice for immigration to Canada. Our effective guidance and meticulous attention to detail ensure that you have a good chance of receiving an ‘Invitation To Apply’ (ITA) from the IRCC. The city of Windsor is a fine immigration destination which offers you the chance to build a fulfilling life for you and your loved ones!

If you need further clarity on the various immigration lawyers in Toronto options you can opt for, then contact us right away!