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We assist you with the Canada Express Entry program.
It can be separated into the following categories:

  • Canadian Citizenship Services
  • Deportation Appeals
  • Business Immigration Law
  • Canadian Immigration Law
  • Study Permit & Work Permit
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Spousal Sponsorship
  • Family Immigration Cases
  • Canadian Temporary Resident Visa Service
  • Canadian Permanent Resident Immigration
  • Immigration Appeals‚ Hearings and Interviews
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Mississauga Immigration Lawyer

Choosing where to live is a very important decision in one’s life. If you have chosen to live in Canada and start your new life in Mississauga, you will need legal experts specializing in immigration law to achieve your dreams. We at Kurzfeld Immigration Law Firm have handled thousands of successful applications and helped our clients kick-start their new lives. We don’t just handle paperwork. We help all our clients settle down and assimilate into their new neighborhood. Our Toronto based immigration lawyers can help with your immigration issues in Mississauga.

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Kurzfeld Immigration Law Firm offers a number of services in Mississauga that includes the following:

  • Work permits;
  • Canadian permanent resident immigration;
  • Canadian citizenship services;
  • Spousal and family sponsoring; as well as
  • Student visas.

Want to start your post-secondary education at the University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus? It’s one of the best institutions around! But in order for your scholastic dreams to come true, you will need a student visa in order to start your student life in Canada. Our Kurzfeld Immigration Law Firm will help you submit all the necessary documentation and proofs required to start your new life. If you have been accepted in a Canadian institution, we will take care of all paperwork that establishes sufficient financial guarantees for tuition and other expenses.

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Looking forward to becoming a temporary or permanent resident? Fill out our application package and get started. We at Kurzfeld Immigration Law Firm will happily assist and guide you through the details. The application package includes:

  • A legal submission letter that explains and assures the visa officers why you are a suitable candidate for temporary or permanent resident status.
  • Preparation of a full-proof application package that consists of all the necessary information that the authorities need to review.
  • We monitor your application process from start to finish including all necessary communications after sending the application package.
  • We will prepare you for an interview if and when it is necessary.
  • We will ensure that you will receive your visa (once it’s issued) before your arrival. We will also provide all relevant information that you might need before you arrive in Canada.

Why should you choose Kurzfeld Immigration Law Firm as your Mississauga Immigration Lawyer?

With a population that consists of all types of demographics from all over the world, with many being first-generation immigrants, we understand the need for a reliable and efficient immigration lawyer to help you settle in. Mississauga is a beautiful place, homely as well as cosmopolitan; a perfect location for your new home and new life! 

The team at Kurzfeld Immigration Law Firm will assist and guide you throughout the immigration process so that you can start living your new life with minimal legal complications.   

Contact the Kurzfeld Immigration Law Firm today to start realizing your Canadian dreams! 

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“Remaining in Canada is not very easy as you need to have legal status. Yet, things get easier when we dealt with Sir Ronen as we believe and trust in his immigration expertise. We indeed rely on him and his team and they are very helpful when it comes to paperwork. I still remain with my husband and my daughter here in Canada as I always get an extension because of their team effort. Thank you so much and I would surely recommend Sir Ronen to anyone who wants to enter or remain in Canada.” – Cynthia Tajunio

*Our head office is based in Toronto. We serve locations around the GTA.