Canada offers multiple globally renowned and reputed universities, colleges and other educational institutes across the length and breadth of the country, making it a global favourite amongst foreign students seeking world class education in order to build a stable career for themselves.

Prospective foreign students looking to study in Canada must first secure a ‘study permit’, for which there are several eligibility criteria one must qualify. An international student is only eligible to receive a Canadian ‘student visa’ upon securing a ‘study permit’. A ‘student visa’ is imperative for an international student wishing to enroll into a Canadian educational course spanning a duration of more than six months. Your ‘student visa’ also indicates the duration of your stay in Canada, which means that you are only eligible to stay in the country until the date of expiry as mentioned on your student visa.

However, to facilitate their professional growth as well as boost their Comprehensive Ranking Scores, Canada offers its international students the chance to work during the duration of their course. This further eases the transition of prospective immigrants from international students to Canadian permanent residents.

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Working in Canada on a Student Visa

As per the latest study permit stipulations, international students can secure employment of up to 20 working hours per week; but whereas part-time international students can seek employment only within their college campus, full-time students have the liberty to apply for off-campus jobs as well.

The Canadian government’s innovative ‘Building on Success’ initiative launched in 2019 is its latest International Education Strategy, which reflects the country’s growing commitment to welcoming international students on a consistent basis.

Canada encourages diversity in every societal sphere; a phenomenon especially evident in the field of education as the country welcomes international students from a diverse range of countries such as the United States, China, France, Vietnam, Nigeria, Japan, Iran, Brazil, South Korea and India to name a few.

Prospective international students need to prove:

  • That they have received a letter of acceptance from a Canadian educational institution listed on the list of Canadian Designated Learning Institutions.
  • That they have secured a satisfactory grade in an English proficiency examination such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  • That they have a spotless, unobjectionable background proven through a clearance certificate procured via relevant police authorities.
  • Their legal identity by furnishing legal and valid personal identification documents such as their passport, birth certificate and/or marriage certificate.
  • That they possess adequate funds to cater to their living needs as well as their tuition fees, also called ‘Proof of Funds’.
  • Clear a medical examination procedure which must also be subsequently accepted and approved by the Canadian government.

Please note: Your designated visa officer might ask you to furnish additional documents before approving your study permit.

Generally, approval of student visas is a relatively straightforward and swift process after one has secured a valid study permit.

A Canadian education offers students unrivalled experience and exposure aimed at facilitating an individual’s professional and personal growth, within the country’s welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, a Canadian degree from a renowned university can open professional avenues within the country as well as internationally because of the country’s immaculate global standing.

Procuring the relevant documentation as requested by the immigration officials can be a challenging task, but fortunately, experienced and qualified immigration professionals are there to guide you every step of the way.

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