Who is considered a Canadian citizen, based on the Canadian Citizenship Act.

  • You are a Canadian citizen if you were born anywhere in Canada after February 15th, 1977.
  • Individuals who were born in another country and then naturalized, are also Canadian citizens. In addition, “acquired citizenship” is based on the citizenship of one’s parents.
  • If you were born abroad after February 14th, 1977, and at least one of your biological parents was a Canadian born citizen at the time of your birth — and lived in Canada at any time prior to your birth – you may have acquired citizenship.

Not all nations permit their citizens to hold Canadian citizenship (i.e. countries that do not allow dual citizenship). Applicants applying for citizenship must have knowledge of English or French, general knowledge of Canada’s geography, history and political system. Individuals need to be sure they are qualified to apply for citizenship, this includes the necessary number of days before applying for citizenship. If the numbers are not reached, the applicant might not be eligible. Keep in mind that there is absolutely no refund, once the application has been submitted.

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Canadian citizenship requirements
Check if you are eligible to apply for citizenship

  • Reside in Canada for three of the previous four years immediately prior to the application, and after having received permanent residency.
  • Temporary Resident Status: Immediately preceding the date of landing in Canada may also gather residency time for up to a maximum of 1 year. If prior to obtaining permanent residence in Canada counts as ½ time.

Status in Canada
For citizenship purposes, a person must show they have merged to become part of the community and reasons for residing in Canada. For instance, providing their primary residence to Canada. The applicant’s life in Canada is taken into consideration in three years in the preceding four years.

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Services for Minors – Canadian Citizenship Application
Children below the age of 18 are not required to fulfill the residency requirement, as long as they have one parent or guardian who is either a Canadian citizen or who is applying to be a Canadian citizen. Once the child gets permanent residence status, it is the parent’s responsibility to apply for citizenship services.