Sponsorship Immigration Service Canada

One of the many privileges of being a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident is being able to bring your loved ones to Canada. In order to sponsor your relatives for permanent residence as a Family Class Immigrant, an applicant must be the sponsor’s:

  • Spouse: If you were married outside of Canada, you will need to show proof of marriage documentation to the Canadian immigration authorities of that country.
  • Common-law or conjugal partner: A common-law partner or conjugal partner is a person who you have been residing with for at least one year.
  • Parents: The sponsor’s siblings, under the age of 19, can also be invited to Canada.
  • Dependent children: Are allowed to be sponsored, this includes any children you wish to adopt under the age of 18, as long as they are unmarried.
  • Other Relatives: If you have close relatives – common-law partner, conjugal partner, siblings or grandparents – then you can sponsor a more distant relative (also called ‘Lonely Canadian sponsorship’).
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Keep in mind that siblings (brothers and sisters) cannot be sponsored directly. They will need to accompanying dependents of sponsored parents, or be sponsored by parents in Canada. All sponsors have to comply with proper procedural requirements to be allowed to sponsor their relatives for permanent residence in Canada. Every application is reviewed carefully and takes time to process.

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