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Are you seeking to kick start your new life in the warm and welcoming locales of Cambridge? Our established immigration lawyers in Cambridge specialise in ensuring that aspiring immigrants enjoy a streamlined immigration process and seamlessly transition into their new lives.

Trusted and Reputable Immigration
Lawyers in Cambridge

While it is not a legal obligation to hire professional aid in order to send in your immigration application, one should ideally receive expert guidance from qualified professionals. We are always well-versed with the country’s immigration laws as they continue to evolve.

We are a group of reputed immigration lawyers in Cambridge who are adept at understanding your needs and optimising your profile. With us you receive quality advice and immigration insights which only come with experience. We would be glad to assist you throughout your immigration process to ensure that you start your new life in Cambridge on the right note! Our experienced immigration lawyers can help you with your immigration case.

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Our Services

We are experienced and qualified at guiding our clients through all of the following four Canadian Express Entry categories:

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Federal Skills Trades

The application procedures for the categories mentioned within Canada’s Express Entry Program can seem daunting or challenging for the uninitiated as they require years of experience for an individual to understand the different forms of immigration offered by the Canadian government. It is equally challenging to ascertain which category one should apply under in order to boost their chances of immigration. An unconvincing Express Entry profile can result in you being denied an ‘Invitation to Apply’ by the IRCC.

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Fortunately, our skilled immigration lawyers are well-versed with the various immigration types and possess the necessary academic credentials as well as practical knowledge to guide you every step of the way! Our experts also process immigration appeals for those immigration applicants whose profiles have received unfavourable responses.

Get in touch with us to have your Canada Express Entry profile evaluated by the finest immigration lawyers in the country.

To receive the coveted Permanent Residency Certificate from the Government of Canada, your Express Entry profile must satisfy the expectations and criteria set forth by the IRCC. Our qualified experts help you in designing a compelling Express Entry profile to give you a good chance of securing a Permanent Residency Certificate.

Furthermore, we can also help you in transitioning into a Canadian citizen from a Canadian PR recipient, saving you the mental hassle and the financial burden of hiring another legal representative.

Why is Cambridge becoming popular
amongst immigrants?

Cambridge offers one of the most vibrant communities in southern Ontario and offers plenty of employment opportunities in industries and sectors such as manufacturing, finance, law, education and engineering.

To build a stable and secure professional life in Canada, you would require a legal and valid work permit. Over the last two decades, our experienced staff of immigration lawyers in Cambridge has assisted thousands of foreign immigrants in procuring the right kind of work permit for their professional pursuits. If you are looking to apply for a work permit in Cambridge, contact us at Kurzfeld Law Office of Immigration.

We are experienced at dealing with other forms of immigration such as business immigration, family sponsorship and spousal sponsorships, amongst others.

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Here’s why choosing us as your immigration
lawyers makes sense:

We are driven and committed to ensure that foreign immigration applicants and aspirants endure minimal duress and enjoy maximum convenience throughout their immigration process. We work tirelessly to further ensure that they experience a swift and smooth conclusion to every major or minor procedure. Our professional experience of nearly two decades in the region has also helped us understand the ethos of the city of Cambridge which welcomes and embraces individuals from all walks of life, making it an ideal place for foreign immigrants to create fulfilling personal and professional lives for themselves.

Get in touch with us to get your immigration process to Cambridge underway!