Express Entry is one of the most popular modes of applying for immigration to Canada and it is gaining global prominence due to the diverse and comprehensive range of programs it offers as well as the swift and streamlined execution of its procedures.

Aspiring immigrants can only submit their full-fledged immigration application upon securing an ‘Invitation to Apply’ from the Canadian government, an aspect which allows the government to invite the highest-ranking or the most qualified applicants from a pool of immigration aspirants, for immigration into the country.

This is a major reason for the procedure’s swiftness as it eliminates the need for the applicant to submit a detailed, arduous and time-consuming immigration application to the concerned immigration office, just to initiate the process.

Bear in mind, the term ‘Express Entry’ refers to the application method and not to one of the application categories. Applying for immigration, however, can be a relatively daunting task for the uninitiated and thus it makes sense to have all of your queries and doubts answered as well as receive guidance from an experienced immigration lawyers in Toronto.

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‘Express Entry’ class of immigration programs consists of the following four immigration streams:

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class
  • Provincial Nominee Programs

In essence, the Express Entry system, allows the Canadian government and the various regional and provincial governments to address the needs of its domestic labour markets by picking the top or the most suitable applicants from each of the aforementioned categories. Having the services of a reputed and skilled Express Entry lawyer at your disposal is an advantage as they can use their expertise to help you create a comprehensive and compelling profile, thereby ensuring that you hold an advantage in the evaluation rounds.

Even though there’s no upper limit on the total number of applicants who can choose to enter the Express Entry draws, the ‘Annual Immigration Levels Plan’ clearly marks out the number of applicants who stand a chance of receiving an ‘Invitation to Apply’ for a Canadian permanent residency.

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Generally, candidates who possess good English or French proficiency along with sound educational credentials have a good chance of qualifying through the Express Entry system.

Specifically speaking, eligibility criteria for Express Entry as a skilled worker requires you to have one continuous year of full-time employment in a skilled profession in your country, passing a recognised English or French language test, as well as having obtained an undergraduate degree recognised by the Canadian government.

Factors such as your age, bi-lingual proficiency, a Ph.D., domestic work experience, Canadian work experience or educational credentials, sibling who is a Canadian permanent resident, official job offer letter from a Canadian employer; can help you bolster your Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) and thereby place you in good stead of receiving an Invitation to Apply.

Express Entry draws are held fairly periodically and the details regarding the same can be easily found on our website or the dedicated Canadian Immigration website.

Immigration rules and regulations require local employers to give first priority to Canadian nationals or the pre-existing permanent residents. Upon failing to secure a Canadian national or permanent resident who satisfactorily qualifies for a particular job, a Canadian employer may choose to pick a candidate from the Express Entry pool to fulfil their requirements.
Prospective Express Entry applicants must bear in mind that they must have skilled work experience as prescribed under the National Occupation Code (NOC). Authorities employ the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to score Express Entry entrants, after which they usually invite the highest ranking entrants to apply for Canadian permanent residency, by sending them an Invitation to Apply.

An immigration lawyer is perfectly equipped to guide you through an immigration procedure with their knowledge and experience.

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It is imperative that a candidate’s profile is furnished with legally valid and verifiable documents with respect to his or her professional experience, educational background and language skills; which means that you should only put in those details which can be backed up with relevant letters and certificates. The IRCC and other relevant authorities can choose to score and rank a particular candidate’s profile at their discretion. A candidate’s rank is subject to change as the rankings are relative to the other applicants in the Express Entry pool. Please note that your Comprehensive Ranking Score can change if you choose to make changes to your profile.

Simply entering the Express Entry pool doesn’t entitle one to receive an Invitation to Apply as only the top-ranking or the most qualified Express Entry entrants receive an official ITA for a Canadian permanent residency, from the relevant authorities.

Upon receiving the ITA a candidate has 90 days to formally submit an application online, along with the requested documents, to receive permanent residency under one of the programs mentioned in Express Entry.

Even after that a candidate must be deemed eligible for immigration under Canada’s immigration law, even if they possess an ITA .

Express Entry processes can be concluded in as short as 180 days, but usually take longer than that. A candidate’s Express Entry profile remains in the pool for a year, and they may choose to submit their profile again to re-enter themselves into the Express Entry pool, if they haven’t been invited to apply during that time.


Commonly Asked Questions on Express Entry

Can I apply via the Express Entry program if I want a PR for Quebec?

A: No, you can’t apply via the Express Entry program because Quebec as a province has its own program for PR, which is based on a different selection parameter altogether.

Is it possible for someone to have more than one Express Entry profile?

A: No, an applicant must have only one Express Entry profile, which is used to evaluate their admissibility for all three segments. You are not allowed to create multiple profiles and, even if you do, it won’t increase the odds of getting an Invitation to Apply.

Do residents of English or French-speaking countries still need to fulfill the language ability parameters?

A: Yes, no one from outside of Canada is treated as an exception. Every aspirant has to take a standard third-party language test and submit the test results. The immigration authorities acknowledge English tests such as CELPIP-General and IELTS. For the French language, the recognized test is the TEF.

Can an Express Entry profile be updated after it’s submitted?

A: It depends. If the immigration authorities find you unqualified, you will be required to resubmit your profile, and if you qualify straightaway, you will be allowed to simply update your profile digitally.

Do Express Entry profiles expire?

A: Yes, Express Entry profiles expire if the applicant does not receive an Invitation to Apply within a year.

Why should I hire an immigration lawyer in Toronto to represent me?

A: We are well-experienced with the Express Entry program and are always updated on the recent legislative and policy developments. It is good to have professional legal assistance with this process, which can be overwhelming sometimes.

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