Canadian immigration policies differ from province to province, where each has the option of either accepting Federal immigration applications through the Express Entry system or holding standalone PNP applications. 

Now, the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) has reserved a hallmark position in the Canadian immigration structure. It indicates a series of immigration policies empowering each Canadian province to nominate for Permanent Residence (PR) those qualified professionals who fulfill specific labour market requirements. 

Essentially, the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) is a series of immigration programs regulated by the Canadian government in collaboration with each separate province having its own set of specifications. 

The Provincial Nomination Program — A Comprehensive Outline

The Canadian Provincial Nomination Program has the potential to supercharge your journey to Canadian permanent residency. It is a gateway through which one can execute their immigration plans to any Canadian province or territory. 

As is common knowledge, the Canadian government uses a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to assign scores and points to immigration applicants. The strength of their applications is calculated on the basis of such scores. Now, under the PNP system, immigration applicants are nominated by Canadian provinces and territories based on their unique requirements. Such requirements may include specific occupations, education, work experience, official language proficiency, and/or age.

Operating independently from the Express Entry system, the PNP system awards 600 additional points to immigration applicants holding a select PNP while entering the Express Entry pool. 

The Canadian government grants 80 exclusive PNPs, each having distinct eligibility specifications. It virtually enables Canadian provinces and territories to fulfill their immigration requirements, allowing them to efficiently address the labour shortages and demands in their province or territory. 

The Provincial Nomination Program — The Eligibility Criteria

Before one proceeds with their immigration application under the Provincial Nomination Program, they must meet the minimum criteria put forth by one of Canada’s province’s non-Express Entry streams. Additionally, they must be nominated under that stream. Now, to be nominated by a particular province or territory, one must comply with the instructions provided on that province or territory’s official website and directly get in touch with them. 


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island



First and foremost, any immigration applicant would need to decide on the Canadian province or territory they wish to immigrate to. To qualify for a nomination by the same province or territory, they would need to positively fulfill their requirements regarding skills, work experience, and education. The province will then evaluate the application to determine whether they have the potential to address the economic and labour market needs of that province. Once approved, all applicants are provided with a time period within which they are to complete their application for permanent residence (PR) and follow the steps to an ITA (Invitation to Apply).

The Provincial Nomination Program & Express Entry System — The Link

Understanding PNP applications is closely related to understanding the PNP streams extended by each province or territory. There are two ways of applying for permanent residency under the Provincial Nomination Program. One can either go through the Express Entry process or the non-Express Entry process. 

Non-Express Entry Process: Here, the applicants are to apply for nomination to a particular province or territory under a non-Express Entry stream. On meeting all the requirements and being approved by the province that nominated them, applicants may continue to apply for permanent residence after a medical examination and police verification. 

Express-Entry Process: Under this process, applicants can resort to either of two ways—

  • They can directly get in touch with the province or territory they wish to immigrate to and apply under an Express Entry stream. On acquiring approval from the said province, they can proceed by setting up an Express Entry profile.


  • They can start by creating an Express Entry profile and indicate the provinces and territories they are interested in. Here, if a province or territory is interested in your profile, they may extend a “Notification of Interest,” to which the applicants can respond by contacting that province and proceeding with their immigration application.

The Provincial Nomination Program — Boosting Your Prospects

There are many ways to enhance your immigration application and increase your chances of acquiring permanent residence in Canada under the Provincial Nomination Program. Let us look into some of the things that can help you expedite the process:

  1. Exhaustive Research– It is principal to start by exploring and analyzing the various PNP programs offered by each Canadian province. Here, one must identify streams that match their skills, experience, and employment objectives. It is imperative to proceed with the stream that most closely aligns with your goals.
  2. Language Proficiency– Language proficiency is pivotal to your PNP application. Language tests like IELTS are a popular way to assess one’s linguistic capabilities. The higher your score, the higher your chances for consideration. 
  3. Academic Abilities– Higher educational levels lead to more PNP opportunities and higher CRS scores. Obtaining additional academic certifications could do wonders for your PNP application.
  4. A Canadian Job Offer– Your PNP eligibility may be greatly increased by receiving a job offer from a Canadian employer. Networking within your industry and actively applying for jobs are two ways to improve your chances. 
  5. Professional Assistance– It cannot be undermined how beneficial it is to seek advice from an immigration lawyer or consultant focused on Canadian immigration. They can offer advice on document preparation, guide you through the intricate PNP requirements, and guarantee that your application is fault-free.

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To boost their respective economies, every Canadian province and territory is actively seeking competent and educated applicants. One of the most important steps on the path to permanent residence in Canada is obtaining a provincial nomination. One can considerably increase their chances of being nominated by thoroughly researching, honing their qualifications, and matching their profile to PNP streams. 

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